About Us

It all started one loadshedding night when I thought to myself, "You know what would be fantastic? If I could have something related to Stray Kids that isn't going to cost me my entire life's earning." 

And so, Lovesick Cactus was formed. 

I was fortunate enough to fall in love with k-pop before the lockdown of 2020 hit so I was mildly prepared for how much I would fall in love with Korean boys that I would never see in person. My first experience was YouTubers React to KPOP years and years ago, I got my first taste with Girls Generation's I Got a Boy and EXO's Overdose but my love only fully formed when I found VIXX. From there I fell down the rabbit hole of kpop.

Right now I can whole heartedly call myself a Stay with some other groups in-between and all I want is to help others in South Africa like me that would like a piece of their kpop love without having to spend everything I have.

If you would like to talk about anything kpop related please feel free to contact me at lovesick.cactus@gmail.com.